About LoHAC

LoHAC's Core Promise

To provide a street environment to delight people who live, work in and visit London.

What is LoHAC?

LoHAC is a framework of collaborative highways services contracts. Authorities can form individual call-offs with no loss of sovereignty. Developed jointly by London boroughs and TfL, it enables them to carry out a wide variety of tasks using four area-based contractors. The contract framework covers a full range of highways services to both local and TfL road maintenance and improvement works. There is complete flexibility in the contracts. Participants can take the whole range of services or simply choose the elements that offer the greatest benefits. It is free to join. There are no membership or usage fees and there is no obligation on any participant to use it exclusively.

The contract commenced on 1 April 2013 and aims to improve consistency in the quality of works and materials used, and to minimise disruption by sharing best practice and coordinating works. Over the eight years of these contracts, London boroughs and TfL could together save as much as £450m.

Who can use LoHAC?

LoHAC can be used by any organisation requiring highways-related services within London. This includes the boroughs, utility providers, TfL and any other highway authority.

When can you use LoHAC?

The contracts and agreements with the four suppliers will run until 2021. New clients can join at any time, up to the end of Year 7. Any organisation can ‘test the water’ with a trial. If this proves successful, it can increase its use of LoHAC at its own rate and then switch over fully when existing contracts expire.